Strengthening Economic Ties: Shenzhen Global Investment Conference in Milan Attracts Prominent Figures

In a significant move to foster Sino-Italian economic relations, Counselor Geng Xiewei graced the Shenzhen Global Investment Conference’s Italian segment in Milan on November 28, delivering a keynote speech that highlighted the deep-rooted cooperation between China and Italy.

The event, notable for its gathering of over a hundred attendees from various government sectors and the business community, featured key personalities such as Sun Xiaoyu, Chief Representative of the Shenzhen European Economic and Trade Office, and Dominotti, Secretary-General of the Italian Foreign Trade Association.

Counselor Geng emphasized the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Italy, underscoring the substantial foundation for collaboration that exists between the two nations. He highlighted Shenzhen’s significant achievements as China’s first Special Economic Zone and a central city in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, particularly in terms of high-level international economic openness. Geng expressed optimism about the expansive opportunities for cooperation, urging businesses from both countries to fully leverage various preferential policies, maintain close communication and cooperation, and collectively contribute to the development of Shenzhen and the deepening of Sino-Italian economic and trade cooperation.

The event also saw the presence of Deputy Consul Li Siwei from the Consulate’s Economic and Commercial Office, further reinforcing the importance of the conference in strengthening Sino-Italian economic ties.