Shenzhen Delegation Ignites Sparks of Innovation in Swiss Summit

Lausanne, Switzerland – September 25, 2023 – A delegation from Shenzhen, a Chinese city renowned for its technological innovation, arrived in Switzerland’s tech-savvy city of Lausanne yesterday for a groundbreaking trade and economic exchange. The forum, held at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) Innovation Park, was graced by Wang Qiang, a standing member of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee.

A Meeting of Innovative Minds

For the past 12 years, Switzerland has dominated global innovation indices, gaining recognition for its advances in modern industry and high-tech sectors. The convergence of these Swiss qualities with Shenzhen’s own reputation as a hub of technological ingenuity presents an intriguing possibility. What kind of synergistic magic could arise from this East-meets-West exchange?

Connecting Business Landscapes

According to sources from Shenzhen’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, promotional videos of Shenzhen and its Nanshan District were showcased during the event. Representatives from the city’s European Business Office outlined Shenzhen’s latest business environments and industrial features. The forum also included experts and scholars from Swiss engineering and scientific academies, who elaborated on the Swiss research and innovation ecosystem.

A Focus on Mutual Investment

The Shenzhen delegation engaged in project discussions with several Swiss early-stage tech companies, placing particular emphasis on investment environments and opportunities. Attendees lauded the superior infrastructure, formidable innovation capabilities, favorable business climates, and rich talent pools in both Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area.

Building on Years of Partnership

The relationship between Shenzhen and Switzerland has grown increasingly close in recent years, yielding significant accomplishments. Switzerland’s expertise in sectors like trade, financial services, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, and precision manufacturing aligns well with Shenzhen’s own strategies to promote a symbiotic relationship between advanced manufacturing and modern service industries.

Pre-Summit Visit to Biopole

Before the trade and economic summit, the Shenzhen delegation toured Lausanne’s Biopole, Switzerland’s largest biomedicine incubator, laying the groundwork for future collaborations in the biopharma sector. Business representatives from both locations expressed their optimism for stronger cooperation going forward, citing the two cities’ strategic locations, robust economic strengths, and leading internationalization standards.


In summary, the economic summit served as a fertile ground for cultivating a new chapter in Sino-Swiss relations, fostering a mutual commitment to win-win development and innovative leadership.

Reporting by Chao, Grosso Link Sarl