Grosso Link Sàrl has been founded in 2013 by two graduated PhDs from ESPLAB-EPFL. With great expectations on the future global market of GNSS technology, Grosso Link is devoting its forces to the GNSS receiver domain. However, instead of competing on the single-frequency L1-band mass-market receiver segment that mainly targets location based and road services, Grosso Link‘s focus is on advanced GNSS receiver solutions for the niche markets, such as for real-time-kinematics or space applications, taking advantage of the new signals transmitted by the modernized GPS satellites as well as the new Galileo and Beidou GNSS constellations that are currently scheduled to become fully operational in 2020.

Since the creation of the company, Grosso Link has already successfully implemented several projects, starting with the development of custom breadboards using COTS components. In 2015, the company has announced a first product called Tersus-GNSS that can provide accurate real-time kinematics positioning for a number of applications, such as navigation, precision agriculture, survey, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), and deformation monitoring. First orders have already been received from Spain, USA, and Thailand.