Product Engineer

Grosso Link is a Swiss company funded by the PhDs of EPFL. The company is located in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Benefited from the extraordinary and innovative environment in EPFL, Grosso Link specializes in researching, developing and trading Electronics & Information products. Our main clients are small and medium enterprises (SME), as well as startups. The experts in our company help the clients create innovative products and meanwhile offer related services, including technological consulting, talent searching, and making local & global marketing strategies. One of our objectives is to help our clients reduce the cost for extra engineers/experts specializing in a chain of the product development/marketing process.
Currently we have a project to develop an innovative product for Asian market. With the basic requirements listed below, we are searching a motivated product engineer in the domain of material science and optics.
1. R&D experience on industrial projects in the field of material science, optics and related areas.
2. Sound know-how on the optics theory and the R&D experimentation for the optics
3. Basic knowledge on fluorescence and fluorescent materials.
4. Hand-on experience on the application of rare-earth phosphor materials in the product development.
Required experience:
Material science and optics: 3 years

RF/analog IC engineer

With the development and the complement of the compass satellite navigation system (Beidou), it is a good opportunity to investigate and develop a Beidou receiver front-end for civil applications. The frequency band of Beidou system is partly overlapped with the GPS and Galileo system. In order to have good compatible performance with the GPS system, the desired front-end is required to have wideband performance and two-channel, dual-frequency functionalities.
The front-end consists of a very low-noise amplifier, a mixer, a wideband filter, a high-speed ADC and a high-precision frequency synthesizer (PLL). The frequency bands of the receiving signal are located at 1.5 GHz and 1.2 GHz. By using 180 nm technology, the front-end ASIC will be fabricated. After packaging and implementing PCBs for measurement bench, the chip will be tested.
Support technique – matériel à disposition :
3+ year working experiences on RF/analog IC design, mixed-signal design and front-end design.
Solid knowledge about microelectronics, circuit design and system design.
Experiences in PLL, LNA, mixer, filter and ADC is a plus.
Experienced in Cadence, Advanced Design System, Synopsys, Matlab.
Fluent speaking and writing skills in English.
Durée du stage : permanent

Please send your CV to [email protected]